01. design

02. scan

03. wear

unspun jeans are customized and designed by you.
3D scan right from your phone. We'll use your avatar to build your fit.
We craft your customized jeans and ship directly to your home.

how we do it

fit for you

unspun custom jeans are made-to-order. You choose your fit and customize the details. Then you take a 3D body scan on the unspun app. We design your jeans on your digital model.

To create your digital avatar, you do a quick spin in front of the camera. Your iPhone projects over 30,000 dots of infrared light onto your body.

As you rotate 360°, the FaceID sensor stitches all these depth maps together to create a hyper-accurate 3D body model— completely unique to you.

The result? No sizes, no fuss- just perfect fit jeans.

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